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ABD Büyükelçiliği mülteci entegrasyonu hibe programı

ABD Ankara Büyükelçiliği, yerinden edilerek Türkiye’ye yerleşmiş olan Suriyeli mültecilerin entegrasyonu için hibe programı başlattı. Program, Türkiye’de bulunan Suriyeli mültecilere yönelik kültür, medya, toplumsal cinsiyet, girişimcilik ve gönüllülük gibi alanlarda üretilecek entegrasyon projelerini kapsıyor. Hibe programına hem bireysel hem de kurumsal başvurular kabul ediliyor. Son başvuru tarihi 30 Haziran 2016. Yapılan başvurunun ardından, Ağustos 2016 döneminde hibeden yararlanmaya hak kazananlar açıklanacak.Başvurular yalnızca İngilizce olarak yapılabiliyor. Hibe ilanının ayrıntıları:

“The U.S. Mission to Turkey is currently accepting applications for grants fromindividuals and organizations in Turkey for projects that support thebetter integration of Syrian displaced communities into Turkish society. The Mission will consider projects up to $30,000 that encourage integration through culture, media, education, women’s empowerment, entrepreneurship, and/or volunteerism. Interested organizations and individuals should submit a brief concept note of no more than two pages by June 30, 2016 toapplications.usembassyankara@gmail.com The Mission will review the submissions and invite a select number to submit a full grant application. Due to the volume of applicants and inquiries, U.S. Mission to Turkey does not accept requests for meetings or phone calls and e-mails prior to application. The concept note must include the following:

  • Summary of Project:  What will the project accomplish; who are the participants; what are the activities; where are the activities located; and what is the timeline for the project?
  • Organizational Description and Capacity:  A brief description of the organization/biography of the individual applying for the grant.
  • Budget:  A sample budget for the project, using the attached format.

Eligible organizations must be non-profit and may include foundations, universities, charities, and individuals. Proposals will be assessed according to the following criteria:

  • The project proposal demonstrates that the organization/individual has sufficient expertise, skills and human resources to implement the project.
  • Proposals clearly articulate goals and objectives, benchmarks, outputs and impact for the project.
  • The project idea and approach are innovative, yet the proposed project activities are concrete, detailed, and supported by a reasonable work plan.
  • The project’s budget is reasonable.
  • The project proposal describes clearly the approach that will be used to ensure maximum sustainability of the project’s results after its completion.
  • The organization or individual applying demonstrates understanding and experience of grants management and the ability to execute projects in Turkey.

Timeline for the Selection Process of Applications: June 30, 2016 – Due date for submission of concept papers July 14, 2016 – U.S. Embassy review committee selects concept papers Selected applicants will be invited to submit full proposals August 4, 2016 – Due date for submission of full proposals August 19, 2016 – Winners to be announced September 30, 2016 – Federal assistance awards written and finalized Important note: Project activities should not start before September 2016.”


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