dünyalar. initiative

What would it take to create more resilient and productive communities?

The impact of community action is widely visible worldwide; while there is more to do in Türkiye, we, as the European Union Sivil Düşün Programme, launched dünyalar. as a comprehensive and multi-layer initiative to encourage and strengthen community-based efforts across the country .

The journey through dünyalar.

  • Through an online panel reaching over 700 audiences from across the country, we heard about the inspiring stories of communities fighting against climate crisis.
  • Through regional roundtable meetings, we enabled communities and people who want to create communities explore new ways and methods for cooperation against the climate crisis and its consequences.
  • Through community workshops in 8 different cities, we brought together hundreds of civil actors to discuss what it means to be a community; how to make community actions more powerful and impactful. The workshops have helped bring community-based working to the agenda of 44 provinces in turkey.
  • As the most prominent open source of information worldwide, we partnered with Wikipedia to strengthen the resources in Turkish on communities. We organized a WikiMarathon with more than 60 wiki-volunteers joining and working over a month in groups. The Turkish Wikipedia has gained an extensive section on communities and community related actions. We believe as the language grows, the concept will continue to grow in real life.
  • Through the digital campaigns, we introduced tens and thousands of audiences to the dunyalar initiative. We inspired them with community-based achievements from around the world by sharing their stories, interviews and amazing putputs.
  • We designed the first incubation programme in Türkiye specific to communities. The programme will help emerging communities gain new skills and the capacity they need. Sivil Düşün will provide training, mentorship and in-kind support to over 50 communities completing the programme in 2023.
  • The end of the community incubation programme is a forum to help strengthen participants’ learning experiences and create broader awareness and appreciation for community-based working.