You can now find Sivil Düşün 4th Anniversary Book, Civil Society Event Toolkit, training materials, and digital resources for civil society at Sivil Düşün Online Library.

Sivil Düşün’s Journey: 2012-2020

The EU Sivil Düşün Programme was launched by the Delegation of the European Union to Turkey towards the end of 2012. “Sivil Düşün’s Journey: 2012-2020” compendium is now online after the 3rd phase of the Programme is ended and the 4th phase is ongoing.


The Future of Civil Society booklet

European Union Sivil Düşün Programme’s Annual Forum took place on 2-3 May 2019 in Ankara, Turkey. The Forum brought together over 150 civil society representatives and activists across Turkey to engage in a variety of subjects regarding rights-based activities.

In this Sivil Düşün Forum Booklet, you will find short biographies of panel speakers, what they have talked in the panels, brief information on the workshops and their respective facilitators. Sivil Düşün continues to provide an effective platform to civil society actors engaged in rights-based work, to learn from one another and to explore opportunities and strategies to collaborate on projects and activities within their respective communities.


Sivil Düşün 4th Anniversary Book

Leaving behind four years, Sivil Düşün has compiled the activities it has supported, the projects under its Networks and Platforms Programme, communication campaigns, and events running though 2013-2016.
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Civil Society Event Toolkit

Sivil Düşün issued a guide for activists and civil society organisations to apply for during their events, which contains hints for each phase of event management.
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