Sivil Düşün carries out communication campaigns hoping to create platforms of discussion on such issues like activism, peace and fundamental rights; using various communication channels and tools such as the web, social media, articles, photos, videos and publications in our campaigns and present alternative platforms for you to contribute with your ideas.

#10decemberhumanrightsday campaign
to celebrate Human Rights Day

December 2023

During the earthquake recovery process, the efforts of the civil society had given hope to us all. With that same hope, last year, we aimed to contribute to sustainable recovery and announced the gayret special support. On December 10th, Human Rights Day, we emphasized that where there is responsibility, there is hope; and with the gayret special support, we shared stories of those working for rights during the recovery process.

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#inspiringworlds campaign
to strengthen and encourage community-based efforts

July 2022- November 2023

How do building communities and community-based actions empower us on the way to solutions to the world’s challenges?

Sivil Düşün has been exploring ways for this through an initiative launched in July 2022: dünyalar. – the worlds. Sivil Düşün has invited all civil thinkers to consider how communities can contribute and bring change to challenges locally, nationally, and globally. The campaign shares examples of achievements and impact created through community-based working and puts the communities on the public agenda. Explore the insipiringworlds campaign at

#10YearsTogether campaign
to celebrate Sivil Düşün 10th anniversary

November 2022-March 2023

Sivil Düşün turned 10 in November 2021 and invited everyone to join the celebrations and share their thoughts, feelings, experiences, and memories on a digital wall. The result was a wall of sincere and joyful messages from hundreds who somehow interacted with Sivil Düşün. 

Sivil Düşün created a video message to tell the story of the ten-year journey by showcasing the work of active citizens to protect and promote human rights with the programme’s support. Ambassador Nikolaus Meyer-Landrut, the Head of the European Union Delegation to Turkey, has a message in the video, inviting civil thinkers to engage with Sivil Düşün and contribute to the protection of rights. 

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Lend a Hand Campaign
to magnify civil response to disasters

July 2021-June 2022

During the summer of 2021, Turkey and many other countries faced wildfires and floods with devastating impacts. People organised themselves as communities or civil initiatives to minimise these impacts first in their neighbourhoods and then in their countries.

Sivil Düşün wanted to back such actions up to protect human, environmental, and animal rights during these difficult times. The campaign helped bring the climate crisis and risks bound to this back onto the public agenda by showcasing activities supported for protecting the environment, climate change and animal rights.

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#Openyourwindow campaign
to celebrate International Women’s day

March 2022

To celebrate International Women’s Day in 2022, we launched a campaign mainstreaming the work of 10 influential women in different right fields to which Sivil Düşün provided support. These included work of  women questioning, speaking up, producing and leading to change. They all had one thing in common: opening the window of change for new perspectives and hope. 

Through its slogan #OpenYourWindow, the campaign invited women across the country to share their stories for change and the protection of rights.

#Iwillnotgiveup campaign
to celebrate the International Human Rights day

December 2021

In December 2021, to remark on the 73rd anniversary of the Declaration of Human Rights, Sivil Düşün launched a campaign inviting everyone to hold on to their rights. The campaign pointed to 10 selected rights fields and mainstreamed work of civil actors supported by Sivil Düşün.  Life may be challenging, yet there are rights we can hold on to; to fight against difficulties. make the impossible possible and create a better life for everyone.

#Dreamtoreality campaign
to mainstream the inspirational stories of SD support owners

September 2021

Sivil Düşün launched a podcast campaign to raise awareness of the achievements of civil thinkers and the impact they created to make the world a better place by preserving rights for all. The podcast campaign revealed their journey and helped inspire other civil thinkers through their experiences and lessons learnt. The podcasts were produced by a well-known radio anchor to create a real life experience for the audience and reached over 90 thousand.

#Let’sgetreacquainted campaign
to celebrate International Women’s day

March 2021

Sivil Düşün launched a podcast campaign to raise awareness of the achievements of civil thinkers and the impact they created to make the world a better place by preserving rights for all. The podcast campaign revealed their journey and helped inspire other civil thinkers through their experiences and lessons learnt. The podcasts were produced by a well-known radio anchor to create a real life experience for the audience and reached over 90 thousand.

#Yourrightsarealive campaign
to celebrate the International Human Rights Day

December 2020

The campaign aimed to carry the rights on paper to real life. For over ten days, Sivil Düşün invited its audience to remark on a specific right area through a picture, a story, a video or a statement and share it with the hashtag #letitlive. By sharing inspirational examples of civil actors who made the rights prominent in everyday life, the campaign underlined the fact that the rights are for all of us; there in our daily life and are not just statements on paper in the Universal Declaration.

#Pride campaign
to celebrate pride month

June 2020

For a month Sivil Düşün dedicated its digital channels to the visibility of LGBTI+ rights by leaving the floor to key actors in this field. The campaign showcased specific events for LGBTI+ rights as well the creative work of artivists.

#Thingsconnectus campaign
to help civil society keep on during the difficult times of pandemic

April 2020

The new type of coronavirus (COVID-19), which has affected the whole world, has caused extraordinary conditions worldwide. As a result, certain rights and freedoms have become even more fragile, and some groups and communities have become more vulnerable than ever. The extraordinary circumstances, unfortunately, led to violations of fundamental human rights.  The campaign aimed at bringing hope back into our lives by underlining the fact that there are bad and good days in our lives but we have to hold on to hope and create a better life together under the guidance of protecting rights. Through social media and dedicated e-bulletins, the campaign helped remind people of the role of active citizenship and demonstrated good examples of how to fight against human rights violations.

#Everythingispossible campaign
to listen to the needs of civil society and reshape the Sivil Düşün support accordingly

March 2020

The lockdown has brought a remarkable change in how we live, work, create, and interact. What other needs emerged for civil society to protect rights were no different and they had to find new ways.  But what would they need to create this new work environment and how can Sivil Düşün help to enable this? The campaign is composed of a series of digital interactions to collect feedback on the opportunities and resources to help civil society survive through the pandemic period. It reached over 50 thousand actors; 7 thousand of whom directly engaged through the campaign activities. The results of this campaign were reflected in the new support categories and mechanisms.

#İklimİçin (#ClimaDiplo)

We have launched #İklimİçin campaign, focusing on the prevention of climate change in line with the Climate Diplomacy Week (2019, 24 September – 6 October) held by the Delegation of the European Union to Turkey. Through the campaign, we are showcasing best practices of environmental CSOs, sharing the latest publications and shooting videos about the solutions to the long-term effects of climate change.

You are welcomed to share your messages about climate change using #İklimİçin (Turkish) and #ClimaDiplo (English) hashtags. Follow us at social media in order stay tuned for the updates of the campaign. (FacebookTwitterInstagramYoutube)

#BirlikteYaşıyoruz (#WeLiveTogether)

Using the hashtag #BirlikteYaşıyoruz (#WeLiveTogether), the campaign kicked off on 25 February 2019 and ended on 18 March 2019. The campaign featured discussions on how animal rights are defined and protected in Turkey and Europe and how these rights have changed in scope and enforcement. The campaign also included presentations on best practices on animal rights activism and campaigns on animal rights in Turkey and around the world.

#HakÇetelesi (#TallyofRights)

We have discussed what fundamental rights are, their development in Turkey and across the world through our #HakÇetelesi (#TallyofRights) campaign. The campaign kicked off on 4 November 2018, the 68th Anniversary of European Convention on Human Rights, and ended on 10 December 2018, the Human Rights Day.

We compiled and shared current publications, definitions from civil society representatives and multimedia content on the history of rights both in Turkey and around the world. With the hashtag #HakÇetelesi, we also asked CSOs and social media users to define the concepts of rights-based approach, advocacy and active citizenship. The entire content is available in Turkish in a web page, hopefully to serve as a reference document for civil society in Turkey.

#BenceAktivizm (#ActivismMeans)

We asked what “activism” means to you and shared your responses. We asked, “What does activism mean to you?” through our social media channels, our advisory committee meetings and our interviews. Your responses were collected under the hashtag #BenceAktivizm (#ActivismMeans). One response was: “#ActivismMeans bringing about change and take action for change”, another said: “#ActivismMeans advocating for the values you believe in and to seek rights for the benefit of society”. We are continuing to diversify the definition of activism with your contributions. Tell us in your own words what you think #ActivismMeans!

#BarışıDüşle (#DreamOfPeace)

In fall 2015, we discussed, debated and dreamt of peace. In this period when peace and rebuilding peace have become ever more important, we debated the peace process, peace, democracy and human rights with various figures from the civil society, academic institutions, the media and the arts.

We tried to understand the relationship between peace and the news, women, children, the civil society, participatory democracy and peace observation through your written contributions and peace writings from the world. We shared your input on our website and our social media channels with the hashtag #BarışıDüşle (#DreamOfPeace).

#SözKüçüğün (#VoiceofChildren)

In April 2016, we started the campaign #SözKüçüğün (#VoiceofChildren) to think not for children but with children. We discussed children’s rights to life and children’s participation, through the written input of activists and civil actors working in the fields of child protection, social aid, justice, health and education.

Some topics that were debated were, the wellbeing of the child, children who could not enjoy the rights safeguarded under the Convention on the Rights of the Child, rights of child prisoners, school support for child participation, and making children’s voices heard through the media.