Sivil Düşün carries out communication campaigns hoping to create platforms of discussion on such issues like activism, peace and fundamental rights; using various communication channels and tools such as the web, social media, articles, photos, videos and publications in our campaigns and present alternative platforms for you to contribute with your ideas.

#İklimİçin (#ClimaDiplo)

We have launched #İklimİçin campaign, focusing on the prevention of climate change in line with the Climate Diplomacy Week (2019, 24 September – 6 October) held by the Delegation of the European Union to Turkey. Through the campaign, we are showcasing best practices of environmental CSOs, sharing the latest publications and shooting videos about the solutions to the long-term effects of climate change.

You are welcomed to share your messages about climate change using #İklimİçin (Turkish) and #ClimaDiplo (English) hashtags. Follow us at social media in order stay tuned for the updates of the campaign. (FacebookTwitterInstagramYoutube)

#BirlikteYaşıyoruz (#WeLiveTogether)

Using the hashtag #BirlikteYaşıyoruz (#WeLiveTogether), the campaign kicked off on 25 February 2019 and ended on 18 March 2019. The campaign featured discussions on how animal rights are defined and protected in Turkey and Europe and how these rights have changed in scope and enforcement. The campaign also included presentations on best practices on animal rights activism and campaigns on animal rights in Turkey and around the world.

#HakÇetelesi (#TallyofRights)

We have discussed what fundamental rights are, their development in Turkey and across the world through our #HakÇetelesi (#TallyofRights) campaign. The campaign kicked off on 4 November 2018, the 68th Anniversary of European Convention on Human Rights, and ended on 10 December 2018, the Human Rights Day.

We compiled and shared current publications, definitions from civil society representatives and multimedia content on the history of rights both in Turkey and around the world. With the hashtag #HakÇetelesi, we also asked CSOs and social media users to define the concepts of rights-based approach, advocacy and active citizenship. The entire content is available in Turkish in a web page, hopefully to serve as a reference document for civil society in Turkey.

#BenceAktivizm (#ActivismMeans)

We asked what “activism” means to you and shared your responses. We asked, “What does activism mean to you?” through our social media channels, our advisory committee meetings and our interviews. Your responses were collected under the hashtag #BenceAktivizm (#ActivismMeans). One response was: “#ActivismMeans bringing about change and take action for change”, another said: “#ActivismMeans advocating for the values you believe in and to seek rights for the benefit of society”. We are continuing to diversify the definition of activism with your contributions. Tell us in your own words what you think #ActivismMeans!

#BarışıDüşle (#DreamOfPeace)

In fall 2015, we discussed, debated and dreamt of peace. In this period when peace and rebuilding peace have become ever more important, we debated the peace process, peace, democracy and human rights with various figures from the civil society, academic institutions, the media and the arts.

We tried to understand the relationship between peace and the news, women, children, the civil society, participatory democracy and peace observation through your written contributions and peace writings from the world. We shared your input on our website and our social media channels with the hashtag #BarışıDüşle (#DreamOfPeace).

#SözKüçüğün (#VoiceofChildren)

In April 2016, we started the campaign #SözKüçüğün (#VoiceofChildren) to think not for children but with children. We discussed children’s rights to life and children’s participation, through the written input of activists and civil actors working in the fields of child protection, social aid, justice, health and education.

Some topics that were debated were, the wellbeing of the child, children who could not enjoy the rights safeguarded under the Convention on the Rights of the Child, rights of child prisoners, school support for child participation, and making children’s voices heard through the media.