Sivil Düşün continues to bring together activists and representatives of civil society organisations, networks, platforms, foundations, unions and civil initiatives across Turkey through its CSO Forums, Advisory Committee Meetings, Info Days, trainings, roundtable and consultation meetings since April 2014.

Always asserting a participatory and inclusive approach, Sivil Düşün encourages participants to share their experience and know-how in meetings, sessions, working groups and workshops, letting participants be in charge. Sivil Düşün provides an effective platform in these thematic events and meetings where over one thousand participants, engaged in rights-based work, had the chance to learn from one another and were offered the chance to collaborate.

CIVIC MOTION: 2021 & BEYOND Digital Forum

Change is here! And the time is now to say welcome change! A hello and a welcome is the way we begin to understand what impact the fast-paced of change is having on the world around us. And it’s the starting point to ask: Where does civil society fit in this picture? Will we be caught in the tidal wave of change, or will we steer the change towards a better future?
If you want to be part of the civic motion change, register now for May 3-5.


Sivil Düşün invites you to the CIVIC MOTION: 2021 & BEYOND Digital Forum to be part of the discussion about the future and to learn about the courageous, creative and inspirational steps civic actors just like us all over the world are taking to shape the change in 2021 and beyond.

  • Be the first to hear about the new technologies, practices, trends and strategies behind the change!
  • Exchange ideas with the activists who are stretching the boundaries of change through their voices and actions all over the world!
  • Though you won’t be participating in the forum physically, you’ll have many opportunities to meet, chat, share ideas and exchange experiences with people who share your interests and goals,
  • Get inspired by stories and broaden your perspectives to interpret and understand what is going on worldwide!
  • Explore, have fun and learn during the evening events, and mix with the participants!
  • Take your place at the Civic Motion Fair, let the participants hear your messages, learn about work, and experience what you’re doing!
  • Take a tour around the Forum Platform, find materials you are interested, add to your virtual bag and explore. them on your own time.


We’ll meet at mini-workshops on the Forum’s second day, Tuesday, 4 May at 16.00 (IST time), facilitated by pioneers in their respective areas. Please feel free to register for the workshop that appeals to you most and inspires you to explore different themes.

WORKSHOP I:How can we fight disinformation in Turkey more effectively?

Facilitator: Mehmet Atakan Foça, Founder and Director of, Ankara

WORKSHOP II: How can we strengthen data-driven civic work in Turkey?

Facilitator: Berivan Eliş, Co-founder, Impact Hub Candidate Ankara

WORKSHOP III: Is Turkey’s civil society prepared for digital transformation?

Facilitator: Handan Uslu, Founder and Director, Women’s Rights Digital Data Platform, İstanbul

WORKSHOP IV: Can data help reduce polarization?

Facilitator: Emre Erdoğan, Prof. Dr. and Director Turkuaz Lab, Bilgi University, İstanbul

Follow these business days; evenings are reserved for a well-deserved relaxation. On 3 and 4 May, from 21.00-22.00 (IST time), we’ll have fun, socialize and at the same time learn something new, simple and effective at the evening workshops.

CIVIC MOTION FAIR Would you like to share your work, activities and messages with other participants? If so, we offer you a vast space for a virtual exhibition at the forum. Whether you are an activist or a CSO representative, feel free to reserve your place at the Civic Motion Fair. You can exhibit any materials such as videos, publications or booklets to introduce your civic work and motion.

CHAT ZONE A forum? Isn’t that a space where people gather to meet each other, discuss, get inspired and exchange ideas? Our forum is just that, only virtual! We’ve included features to help you see who is attending and reach out for private or group chats. You can explore common interests and aims and expand the network. All you need to do is to visit the chat zone!



If you are an activist, part of a civil society organisation or have civil dreams and aspirations, just register from the link below. Our team will then contact you for details and participation.

Do not forget to provide information about you, your work and your inspirations while registering, which will help you network with other participants.

Interpretation in English, Turkish and sign language is available!

Click here to discover the Forum and register!


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