Sivil Düşün organises info days to provide detailed information on how its support mechanisms work and how civil society can benefit from Sivil Düşün support to bring a change. Info days offer great opportunities for active citizens to ask questions directly to Sivil Düşün experts before they apply for support, either to the Sivil Düşün’s general support open at all times; or a special lot call curated to respond to a specific need or condition. These accessible gatherings are recorded and broadcasted to enable more people to get detailed information.

dünyalar. Initiative events

Sivil Düşün launched its dünyalar (the worlds) initiative in July 2021 to mainstream and strengthen community-based civic action. Based on the idea that every community is a world (dünya) in itself, the dünyalar initiative hosted various events such as panels, roundtable meetings, workshops and an incubation programme.

fikirfeza (sky-is-the-limit) online youth hackathon

In July 2021, Sivil Düşün brought together 156 promising activists between 15 and 30 years old on a digital platform to create innovative active citizenship tools. Over a week, they had the opportunity to learn new skills through the training and mentors and work together in groups to develop new ideas. Through an ideathon, teams presented their ideas, and the first three runners received in-kind support from Sivil Düşün to realise these ideas into fundamental tools. From online applications to help disabled people to access their rights to ways to combat digital bullying, new ideas find their way to become tools to strengthen rights.

Civil Movement 2021 and Beyond Forum

3-4-5 May 2021
Sivil Düşün organised its first-ever online forum during the pandemic, enabling discussion about the future of civic action and showcasing courageous, creative, and inspirational ways of civic actors worldwide that shape the change in 2021 and beyond. The forum hosted over 20 prominent speakers from Turkey, the USA, the UK, the Netherlands, and Nigeria exploring critical topics around the change from different perspectives. Through a digital exhibition space, activists and CSOs had the chance to showcase their work in 20 various right fields. Over one thousand forum participants enjoyed networking during and after the forum.

BERABER (Together) Digitalks

These online gathering series allowed thousands of online audiences to come together with experts in different fields and from diverse backgrounds to discuss how civil society can respond to the pandemic and its consequences. Sivil Düşün launched a special support during the pandemic for civil actors, Things Connect Us support, and these digitalks helped the audience to envisage what they can do with the support of Sivil Düşün to help protect rights and ensure access to rights.