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Goal Türkiye ‘Tıbbi Koordinatör’ arıyor

Türkiye’de insani yardım alanında çalışmalar yapan Goal Türkiye, Ankara’da görevlendirmek üzere “Tıbbi Koordinatör” arıyor. Pozisyona alınacak kişinin 5 yıllık doktorluk tecrübesine sahip olması gerekiyor. İngilizce açılan ilana başvuru için son gün 21 Haziran 2016. İlana başvuru yapmak için linkteki formu doldurmanız gerekmektedir. İlanın tamamı aşağıdaki gibidir:

General Description of the Role: Reporting to the Head of Programmes (HOP), the Medical Coordinator (MC) will mostly work from Ankara and will cover some of the provincial ministry Level coordination and communication. With authorities. MC must demonstrate excellent communication skills. The MC must demonstrate an understanding of Turkish health care system in order to forecast opportunities and risks, to propose actions/mitigations and also to fulfill the task of advisory in health related issues to the senior management. Medical coordinator is also expected to work directly with partner NGOs in the development, opening and operational supervision of the primary health care (PHC) services in respective provinces of Turkey. The MC will also work with the provincial Ministry of Health (MoH) in implementing the Migrant Health Centre/Unit (MHC/MHU) program, in collaboration with the GOAL team. The MC role will focus on the specific programme design of the MHC/MHU programme and ensuring its technical implementation, advising and taking responsibility for reaching all health-related targets through an active problem-solving approach. The MC will also support the delivery of the other GOAL Turkey programmes i.e. the Special Needs Fund, in close coordination with the Area Coordinators, Field Teams, and other relevant staff by offering technical advice for complex medical cases. Essential Responsibilities:  Program Development and Program Management 

  • Technically lead GOAL health program strategic planning and design in coordination with HOP, Country Director and other relevant technical staff.
  • Support the timely preparation technically sound concept notes, proposals, work plans, budgets, reports and ad hoc information pieces
  • Ensure timely implementation of proposed activities across all health projects according to budget and activity plan
  • In collaboration with the HOP, Health Officers and Finance Controller assume responsibility over the health budgets and making sure funds allocated to the response are used appropriately and in a timely manner
  • Support effective management of drugs and medical supplies by partners and ensure ordering is done with a view to quality and need
  • Monitor the health situation in Turkey and advise management of changes in context, needs, and risks
  • Ensure that programmes are implemented according to recognized Turkish and international standards
  • Work with Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) teams to create M&E plans, an appropriate accountability framework and to develop learning papers for internal and external audiences. Assist with analysis of health data for input to M&E team.
  • Ensure appropriate medical protocols and data collection forms are used by all site offices and facilities
  • Oversee the collection and timely reporting for all programs in accordance to the agreed internal and donors reporting requirements in collaboration with Grants Management team
  • Foresee the risks against the implementation of health related programs and propose solutions
  • Advice in health related issues to the senior management.

Technical Support and Quality Assurance 

  • Provide overall technical support and guidance to all GOAL Health programmes, those implemented by partners and those implemented by GOAL. Assist with analysis of health data, comparing with clinical protocols, to ensure that health services are compliant with international standards for care and best practices.
  • Ensure that the GOAL projects adhere to the quality standards based on evidence based practice and propose cost effective innovative approaches at different levels of project implementation.
  • Ensure linkages between health projects and other sector projects in Turkey (i.e. protection, vocational training) to offer a holistic package of care to beneficiaries
  • Offer technical support from to medical logistics for drug and equipment ordering
  • In close coordination with the Area Coordinators and Project Managers monitor the field teams and other satellite clinics at least twice a month to ensure that programs are running smoothly, adhering to the quality standards.
  • Visit and monitor all supported health project sites and GOAL health teams in the field. Work with the HOP to provide project coordinators with technical information needed to develop SOP’s for each project.


  • Review partnership proposals providing technical input on activities, budget, work plans
  • Oversee the technical implementation of partners and offer guidance as needed
  • Work with partners and MoH to assess needs for capacity building and design training plans
  • Meet monthly with partners to review context, activities, adherence to standards
  • Alert management to real or potential risks to partner implementation (i.e. quality, timeliness, budget-spend)
  • Ensure effective and quality health programming with support from MEAL (monitoring, evaluation, accountability and learning) through appropriate baseline surveys and health needs assessments as needed
  • Ensure early warning systems and contingency plans are in place for investigation and control of outbreaks of infectious diseases

Representation and Coordination 

  • Participate and represent GOAL in health cluster/sector coordination meetings; provide regular technical updates externally and report on meetings internally to GOAL
  • Take a leadership role in sector specific task forces
  • Ensure positive interaction and good relations with stakeholders specifically with the MoH at both Ministry/Ankara and provincial levels.
  • Represent GOAL to donors and MoH in collaboration with HOP, at the request of the Country Director
  • Work closely with the GOAL WASH, Food Security, and NFI sectors to ensure synergy of interventions
  • Hold and minute regular internal coordination meetings among health personnel to ensure all staff are aware of key developments, overall strategy and have a clear understanding of their work Support regional GOAL health coordination

Human Resources 

  • Identify staffing gaps in GOAL and partner teams, create and update staffing plans, and lead in the recruitment and training of staff required for program implementation
  • Enhance technical and health management skills of national health staff through the provision of internal and external formal trainings and informal on the job training by their supervisors
  • Line manage senior health staff and ensure managers are offering appropriate support to their staff
  • Coordinate provision of coaching, training, capacity building and technical support to GOAL medical staff and partners on the planning, implementation and management of health related activities

Qualifications Required:

  • Medical doctor, Masters in Public Health or relevant field an asset
  • Minimum 5 years of general work experience
  • Working experience in Turkish health system and having a strong knowledge/understanding of Turkish health system and culture.
  • Proven work experience in Turkish Primary Health System (in the public health center or family health center) is an asset, but not required.
  • Must have at least 1 year professional experience in leading and implementing health related projects for vulnerable populations, implementation in Turkey is an asset.
  • Experienced in working with INGOs in humanitarian or development contexts; conflict/post-conflict experience strongly preferred.
  • Experience in effective collaboration with international personnel, headquarters staff, donor agencies, government officials, and NGO. Able to work with a broad spectrum of people
  • Extremely flexible, previous experience in managing large teams and ability to work under administrative and programmatic pressures and ability to cope with stressful situations. Creative and positive people are strongly encouraged to join the team.
  • Skills and knowledge in program sustainability and capacity building, and project monitoring and evaluation desired.
  • Fluent in written and spoken English required and fluency in either Turkish or Arabic is required, with knowledge of the third language strongly desirable.
  • Skilled in Microsoft Office suite of products (word, excel, power-point)
  • Candidate must be able to travel to nationwide field sites between 30-50%

The deadline for applying is 21st June 2016 at 17:00 Turkey local time.



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