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Save the Children dört pozisyon için ilan açtı

Küresel ölçekte insani yardım çalışmaları yürüten Save the Children, Türkiye operasyonu için çeşitli pozisyonlara alım yapıyor. Türkiye’de yaşayan Suriyeli çocuklara yönelik çalışmalar yürüten kurum; sosyal yardım, koruma ve eğitim alanları için uzmanlar arıyor. İngilizce’nin ön şart olduğu pozisyonlara başvurmak isteyenler Save the Children ilanına göz atabilir:


Save the Children is newly establishing its programme of operations in Turkey to better serve the education, child protection, and livelihoods needs of Syrian and host communities. We are looking for dedicated, creative and motivated individuals with a desire to make a positive impact on Turkey’s resilience to the on-going crisis in Syria. Ideal candidates work well in groups as well as their individual endeavors, and our diverse team thrives on proactive attitudes that place accountability to children at the heart of what we do. If you are results-driven, an independent thinker, and interested in working with the world’s leading independent organization for children, we want to hear from you. Due to the volume of interest received we are unfortunately unable to respond to every application. But please bear in mind that exceptional candidates often apply to more than one position in their area of interest and expertise before joining our team. 1.EDUCATION SPECIALIST Millions of Syrian children risk becoming a lost generation if we don’t help them overcome barriers to accessing education and get them into quality learning environments soon. If you are interested in taking a leading role in increasing school enrolment rates, have 4-7 years of experience in designing educational curricula, and speak Arabic and/or Turkish, you are a great candidate for this role. For more information click here. 2.SENIOR CHILD PROTECTION OFFICER The protection needs of Hatay’s adolescents are challenging and inter-dependent. If you have 2-4 years of experience working on mental health, psychosocial support, or the special needs of adolescents and speak Arabic and/or Turkish, we want to hear from you. For more information click here. 3.EDUCATION OFFICER Addressing the educational needs of Syrian children is a major priority for us. Our Adolescent Friendly Spaces need someone who is interested in developing educational activities, has 1-3 years of experience supporting complex projects and speaks Arabic and/or Turkish. For more information click here. 4.OUTREACH WORKERS (x8) Our frontline workers often come directly from the communities we serve, and are passionate about mobilizing them for the benefit of children. If you are deeply familiar with the needs of Syrian and host communities in Turkey, have excellent communication skills, and are fluent in Arabic and/or Turkish, we want to hear from you. For more information click here. You may follow Save the Children on Twitter @SaveChildrenTR to hear of their latest vacancies.

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