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Sivil Düşün lıstens, responds and supports…

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  • supports rights-based activities.
  • supports not only organised civil society structures but also civil initiatives and activists who do not have a legal entity.
  • abides by the principles of fair competition, equal opportunity and transparency.
  • appreciates the development and improvement of participatory democracy structures and values.
  • supports the principles of human rights, social inclusion and the rule of law.
  • listens to the civil society and responds directly to its needs.
  • supports the promotion of rights-based activities to reach a wider audience.
  • works with the civil society and values a participatory approach.
  • contributes to the development of advocacy.
  • offers civil society actors an effective platform for cooperation, networking, common activities, learning and knowledge sharing.
  • reminds all active individuals that they can take initiatives to protect or ensure rights.
  • inspires human rights advocates through the work it supports.
  • supports mainstreaming of rights-based activities.
  • introduces a new approach in supporting civil society organisations and eliminates burdensome bureaucratic procedures.
  • ensures visibility of disadvantaged groups and responds to their needs.
  • contributes to the strengthening of plurality.
  • contributes to building capacity of grassroots organisations.
  • values continuous and competent technical assistance for mainstreaming of rights-based activities.
  • supports the dissemination of new developments and news in civil society through communication networks.
  • distinguishes from other civil society support programmes with its wide beneficiary profile.
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Sivil Düşün supports rights-based activities organised by activists, civil society organisations, civil initiatives, networks, platforms, unions, city councils, and other non-profits without any regional, provincial or thematic restrictions or any requirement to establish a legal entity.

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Sivil Düşün is a technical assistance program that goes beyond a grant scheme. The programme prioritises organising advisory meetings and knowledge-sharing events in line with the needs of activists and civil society organisations, strengthening processes whereby civil society actors learn from each other, as well as giving a voice to civil society through communication tools and campaigns.

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Applications to Sivil Düşün Supports are subject to a two-stage eligibility check by both the Sivil Düşün Technical Assistance Team and independent experts. All applicants have the opportunity to follow their application and the implementation process via a special online system.

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Sivil Düşün’s supports was designed to enable a flexible and participatory approach in responding to the needs of activists and civil society organisations. The programme lends itself to following the current needs of the field and quickly revising the supports provided.

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