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‘Sivil Düşün’s Journey: 2012-2020’ is now online!

The EU Sivil Düşün Programme was launched by the Delegation of the European Union to Turkey towards the end of 2012. “Sivil Düşün’s Journey: 2012-2020” compendium is now online after the 3rd phase of the Programme is ended and the 4th phase is about start.

Through its various support mechanisms, Sivil Düşün supports activists, civil society organisations, networks and platforms under the same umbrella. These support mechanisms were designed following consultations carried out with representatives of numerous civil society organisations and activists throughout Turkey.

Sivil Düşün provides flexible, transparent and accessible support to rights-based work carried out by activists, civil society organisations, platforms, networks, civil initiatives, foundations, associations, rights-based cooperatives, non- profit companies, city councils, unions, including to units within universities that contribute to civil society and human rights related causes. Since its launch in 2012, the Sivil Düşün programme has received approximately 4,250 applications in more than twenty diverse thematic areas, out of which over 1,130 actions were selected for implementation. Sivil Düşün also provides a help desk that offers assistance to applicants across Turkey through established communication channels, receiving over 2,000 requests each year.

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